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Configuration:  20 packs per box. 11 cards per pack.

A Revolutionary Online Game from Sony
A Revolutionary Trading Card Game from Topps

This April, Sony Online Entertainment will take the next great step in online gaming with the release of Free Realms. More than just a game, Free Realms is a totally immersive 3-D virtual world with an endless variety of experiences. Whether you want to be a knight in shining armor, a racecar driver or a ninja, Free Realms has something for you: Battle monsters, compete with other players, raise pets, chat with friends...

...and play the online card game.

The Free Realms Trading Card Game is fully integrated into the Free Realms online world. The digital cards featured online are the same cards found in packs, so you can play the game on or offline -it's the best of both worlds. But the synergy doesn't end there. Every pack contains a specially-printed unique code that unlocks a cool virtual reward such as clothing, weapons and other gear -- plus 50 in Station Cash to purchase even more online. Rare exclusive cards (inserted 1 in 3 packs) contain codes for a digital version of the card available nowhere else!

The Free Realms Trading Card Game will also be offered in a value-packed Starter Deck that includes a starter guide and a playmat with a map of Free Realms on the other side. But the real value is the loaded code card good for 4 exclusive virtual rewards and a free one-month Free Realms subscription!

Free Realms is the #1 priority for Sony Online and they are supporting it a huge way --both with a tremendous development budget and over $4 million in TV and online advertising. Highy anticipated, the buzz about the game is incredible with hundreds of thousands of Google hits and positive reviews on gaming blogs. Geared towards kids (both boys and girls), Free Realms takes the fun of online worlds like Club Penguin and Neopets and brings it to whole new level that has never been seen on the internet before. Imaginative, innovative and completely engaging, Free Realms is the future of MMO (Massive Multi-player Online) games.

Free Realms: Ground-Breaking Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMO)
* Developed by online gaming pioneer, Sony Online Entertainment
* Totally immersive...
- Battles, questing, exploring and adventures
- Social networking (friends lists, chat, share the experience with kids around the world)
- Mini-games
- Virtual pets
- Online card game played with virtual versions of Topps cards
* Different role choices provide an endless variety of experiences
- Be a wizard one day, a ninja the next
- Interact with humorous, unique characters and become their friends!
* Players collect virtual rewards to enhance online experience
* Designed to appeal to both boys and girls
* Weekly and monthly content updates, regular & special
events, & player-created parties & celebrations
* Amazing visuals based on the Free Realms universe
* Fully integrated...
- Cards mirror digital cards used on-line
- Rare exclusive digital cards available only through specifically coded cards in packs
- Virtual reward card in every pack redeemable for exclusive MMO gear such as clothing and weapons - plus 50 in Station Cash (to purchase additional digital items)
Booster Pack
* 10 game cards plus 1 virtual reward card per pack
* Over 180 cards to collect
Starter Deck
* 40 cards (including 6 exclusive cards) plus 1 virtual reward
card redeemable for ALL of the following:
- 3 Nearly-Never Ending Health Potions
- 1 Exclusive digital TCG t-shirt
- 1 Exclusive digital black lab dog
- 1 Raceway Speed Boost for your Free Realms Car
- One-Month Free Realms membership!
* Also includes fold-out Free Realms map/playmat
"Passport to Free Realms" starter guide
* Free Realms sets a new standard for fun and safety for kids on-line
* Kid gamers age 12-17 spend an average of 10 hours a week on gaming
* 60 million casual game downloads occur each month
* 47% of Teens and 40% of Tweens "Agree Completely" or
"Somewhat Agree" that going on the Internet is better than watching television

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