World of Warcraft Battle of the Aspects Treasure Pack Box

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Product Description

Configuration:  24 packs per box. 9 cards per pack.

9 cards per pack (1 Rare or Epic, 2 Uncommon, 6 Common; packs may include 1 Loot in place of 1 Common. Loot cards appear approximately 1:11 packs.)

Key Selling Points
- Treasure pack set size increased! Now 75 cards per set! (29 C, 20 U, 20 R, 6 E)
- Treasure Pack set includes class abilities, allies, equipment, and a brand new Monster master hero-Murozond, the Lord of the Infinite!
- Featuring brand-new Dragon allies, the legendary daggers Fangs of the Father, and Thrall the World-Shaman.
- All Treasure Pack cards are legal for regular Constructed play!
- Every card is a foil.