World of Warcraft Minis Core Set Booster Box (UD)

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Hold the Power of Azeroth in the Palm of your Hand!
Let the heroes of Warcraft enter your world as Upper Deck Entertainment Introduces...

Arrows fly through the air, axes crush the unwary, and spells illuminate the landscape.
From the forests of Ashenvale to the rolling dunes of Tanaris - Horde, Alliance & Monsters battle for domination! Victory is huge in this miniature world.

The battle is here.
Cut your opponent down to size!

Core Set is the inaugural set in the World of Warcraft® Miniatures Game, a premium collectible miniatures game based upon the award-winning massively multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft.

Key Selling Points
- The World of Warcraft brand is one of the strongest hobby brands ever with over 10 million monthly subscribers worldwide.
- Our Premium quality figures will continue Upper Deck's tradition of category defining excellence utilizing more dynamic sculpts, more detailed paints, and a larger scale than other miniatures games.
- Our innovative detachable UBase allows figures to serve as both a gorgeous collectible and a functional gamepiece.
- We provide an exciting and open-ended gameplay experience with the Base10 game engine leveraging Upper Deck's expertise with trading card game designs by combining miniatures and cards.

Key Selling Points (Booster SKU):
- Epic Characters: 1/8 boosters will have an epic!
- Set size, quality level and variety will drive repeat purchase: Collectors and MMO players who wish to find someone similar to their character will drive repeat purchases
- Loot Cards: This product will contain randomly inserted samples of the popular Loot cards from the WoW TCG.

- 3 randomized miniatures - (from the same faction)
- 3 character cards (1 for each miniature)
- 6 ability cards (2 for each miniature)
- 1 UDE Points Card
- Some will contain a randomly inserted LootTM Card