World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire Collector Set

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Promo cards pack (5 game cards) + Darkmoon Faire deck card (with 500 UDE Points) + 2 World of Warcraft TCG booster packs.


Experience the carnival Warcraft-style, As Upper Deck Entertainment introduces . . .
The World of Warcraft "Darkmoon Faire Collector's Set"

Come one and all, to the glorious Darkmoon Faire!
My name is Silas Darkmoon, and I will be your guide into this amazing event!

Try your luck at one of our many games, or simply soak in the delights of the strange and wonderful oddities we have brought before you.
Who knows?
You might even be able to win the main event, obtaining fame and riches beyond your wildest imagination!

The Darkmoon Faire is here to stay, so gather your friends and come play!

Upper Deck Entertainment continues its celebrated line of trading card games, opening up an entirely new dimension of the World of Warcraft® TCG! Darkmoon Faire Collector's Set provides unique content from the beloved in-game traveling carnival, "Darkmoon Faire."

Continue to develop the World of Warcraft® TCG with a product launch that appeals to existing customers, as well as WoW MMO players and their friends (a great gift idea!).

Key Selling Points:
- Exclusive content! 5 new game play cards including a new card type - Locations! This is the only way to get these cards.
- Three ways to earn in-game cosmetic upgrade for your online hero
- Tie to Organized Play - Free admission to a "real- Darkmoon Faire Beginner's tournament with any two Darkmoon Faire deck cards.
- Fan-favorite content from the online Darkmoon Faire.
- An excellent gift for any World of Warcraft MMO player.