World of Warcraft Class Starter Deck Box (Cryptozoic)

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Product Description

Configuration:  10 class decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

There are 18 different decks, one for each class and faction combination (9 original classes, Death Knights aren't represented). Each deck is playable out of the box, 60 cards + Hero. Packaged along with each deck is a rules sheet, a crafting card and the possibility of a loot card. A majority of the cards are reprinted from previous expansions, however there are some new quests and unique allies included in each deck.

The loot is not from any previous expansion, but is from a short list that includes some popular loot cards from the games first several expansions (including the Spectral Tiger).

Q: Will reprinted cards be legal in the Core tournament format?
A: Reprinted cards will all be marked with their original set abbreviation and number. That original set designation will be used to determine if the card is legal for Core or foe Classic tournament play. The new cards will be legal for Core soon after release.

Q: What other loot cards are possible to get from the decks?
A: Spectral Tiger is the only one announced right now.

Q: Are certain decks more limited than others?
A: No, all appear with the same frequency in display boxes.

Q: What is the breakdown per display box? Is it random?
A: Each display will contain at least one deck of every class, either Alliance or Horde and then one duplicate class. Since there are 18 different class and faction combinations possible and only 10 decks per display, it would require multiple display boxes to get one of every deck.