World of Warcraft Champions Deck Box

Product Info
Product Description

Configuration:  10 decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

- First complete product where players can take on the role of iconic characters from World of Warcraft.
- Each deck is playable right out of the box.
- A good entry-level deck for in-store Battlegrounds.
- Players can choose to take on the roll of a courageous hero OR a monstrous villian!
- Monster heroes! Players can play as Monster heroes from Azeroth's lore, including Hogger, Murkdeep, and Elderlimb.
- Faction leader heroes! Players can choose iconic Horde and Alliance leaders as their heroes, including Jaina and Sylvanas.
- Exclusive hero cards with new, unique powers!
- Bonus reprint card randomly inserted!

Common - Nightsaber Cub
Uncommon - Statue Generator (Instant Statue Pedestal)
Rare - Blazing Hippogryph

Contents Summary
- 60 Cards per deck, including 3 rare cards
- 1 Hero card per deck
- 1 Booster pack per deck
- 5 Token cards
- 1 Tips card
- 1 Loot or crafting card
- 1 Quick Start Guide
- 1 Rulebook
- 1 Bonus reprint card
- 5 Different decks available, each lead by an iconic character from World of Warcraft
- 10 Decks per display (2 of each deck)
- 6 Displays per case