Pokemon EX Unseen Forces Theme Deck Box

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Product Description

Configuration:   8 decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

Uncover powerful new forces in the Pokémon world: Lugia, Ho-Oh... and you!  In EX Unseen Forces, you'll be the first to find and capture rarely seen legends.  Take them into battle to reveal your own unseen powers, and unveil greater worlds and greater battles than you ever knew existed.

Golden Sky Theme Deck:
Command the horizons with the Golden Sky theme deck.  Your opponents will run for cover when Ho-Oh and your other Fire and Fighting Pokémon swoop in for victory!

Silvery Ocean Theme Deck:
Aeroblast your opponents with Lugia and the Silvery Ocean them deck.  Your Grass and Psychic Pokémon are bound to dominate ocean, land and sky!

Each Pokémon theme deck contains 1 complete 60-card deck.  Each contains a total of 1 rare holographic card, 2 rare cards, 11 uncommon cards, 22 common cards and 24 Energy cards.  Many of the cards exist in multiples to provide a more enjoyable playing experience.