Pokemon EX Crystal Guardians Theme Deck Box

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Configuration:  8 decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

Only the Best Shall Pass the Crystal Guardians!

A remote island...mysterious crystals...and incredible Pokémon just waiting for you to discover them!  EX Crystal Guardians takes you to distant shores where more new Pokémon Delta Species, Pokémon-ex, and Pokémon * live among astonishing crystals that can change how Trainers do battle.  Are you ready to explore the island and capture your favorite Crystal Guardians?

Green Cyclone Theme Deck:
When you play the Green Cyclone theme deck, you'll be in a category all your own!  Venusaur's Green Glas attack uses the Grass Energy attached to your Pokémon to mow down your opponents, and an entire deck of Grass Pokémon is a mighty force, indeed!

Storm Surge Theme Deck:
Your opponents will want to run for cover when you play the Storm Surge theme deck! Rain down on them with your Water Pokémon, zap them with your Lightning Pokémon, and then put the real pressure on with Blastoise's Hydro Pump attack!