Pokemon EX Team Rocket Returns Theme Deck Box

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Configuration:  8 decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

Back with a Vengeance!
The return of Team Rocket is trouble for your opponents.  Jessie and James are back and up to old tricks, with some of the most ruthless Pokémon ever at their side.  If you can master Team Rocket's way, their all-new Dark Pokémon and Pokémon-ex can carry you to victory!

Jessie Theme Deck:
What would Team Rocket be without secret surprises? The Jessie theme deck is loaded with 'em, like Dark Tyranitar and Dark Marowak.  If a hard Bone doesn't take out your opponents' Pokémon, go in for a Second Strike!

James Theme Deck:
No one is sneakier than Team Rocket, and the James theme deck proves it! Use Evolutionary Light to turn Dark Dragonair into Dark Dragonite.  Then knock out your opponents' Pokémon with a Double Wing one-two punch!