Pokemon Platinum Supreme Victors Poster Pack Box


Product Description


Ultimate Challenges... Supreme Victors!

This Platinum-Supreme Victors Poster Pack box contains two Supreme Victors boosters, two promo packs, a full-size Supreme Victors poster featuring all the cards in the set, and a cool promo card to add to your collection!

Increase your power with impressive new Pokémon that will take you to the pinnacle of Pokémon battles-the Battle Frontier! In the Pokémon TCG: Platinum-Supreme Victors expansion, you'll find more sizzling Pokémon SP like Blaziken , more ferocious Pokémon LV.X like Charizard LV.X, and more opportunities to battle your way to the top!

Your victory will be supreme when you play with Pokémon trained by Team Galactic, the Battle Frontier elite, and the Sinnoh League Champion! Platinum-Supreme Victors features over 150 new cards and remains compatible with previous releases.

- More than 25 new Pokémon SP !
- Over half-a-dozen Pokémon SP LV.X, including favorites like Charizard and Rayquaza!
- Powerful Supporter, Stadium, and secret cards!
- Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike
- Over 150 cards in all!