Spiderman 3 Rittenhouse Trading Card Box

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Configuration: 40 Packs Per Box. 5 Cards Per Pack.

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Look for randomly inserted autographed cards (2 per box) !!

How long can any man fight the darkness... before he finds it in himself?
This May swing into action with Rittenhouse Archives' Spider-Man 3 Movie Trading Cards! Each box of this blockbuster movie card set will contain at 2 autograph cards!! Rittenhouse Archives is continuing to acquire additional signers, but the list so far features actors from all 3 Spider-Man movies:

Tobey Maquire as Spider-Man (Very Limited)
James Franco as Harry Osborn (Limited)
Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn (Limited)
J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson
Lucy Lawless as Punk Rock Girl (Very Limited)
Bruce Campbell as Ring Announcer (Limited)
Dylan Baker as Dr. Connors
Bill Nunn as Joseph Robertson
Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant (Limited)
Jayce Bartok as Subway Guitarist
Brent Briscoe as Garbage Man
Mageina Tovah as Ursula
Aasif Madvi as Mr. Aziz
Stan Lee as Innocent Bystander
Larry Joshua as Wrestling Promoter
Hal Sparks as Elevator Passenger
Jack Betts as Henry Balkan
Joe Manganiello as Flash Thompson
Avi Arad as Producer (Very Limited)
Elyse Dinh as Violinist

and more to be announced soon!

Each box will also contain a random selection of chase cards. The chase cards in this series include:
" 6-card Spider-Man (1:40 packs)
" 6-card Spider-Man (Black Costume) (1:40 packs)
" 5-card The Sandman (1:40 packs)
" 5-card The Goblin (1:40 packs)
" 5-card Venom (1:40 packs)