Marvel Masterpieces Series 3 - Trading Card Box (Upper Deck)

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Configuration: 36 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

Captured! A Super Hero or Super Villain on Every Marvel Masterpieces Trading Card!

Collect all the cards to learn more about your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains, including their secret identities, powers, archenemies, and mysterious origins!

Experience all the excitement of the Marvel Universe with Marvel Masterpieces!

Key Selling Points:
- All the classic Marvel Heroes presented at the highest level.
- Featuring amazing original artwork by premier Marvel artists.
- Original Artist Sketch Cards - One in every box!
- Writer Autograph Cards

Target Audience:
Trading Card collectors and comic collectors, ages 12-35.

Marvel Masterpieces Set 3 includes:
- 90 Card Base Set
* X-Men Universe Subset
* Marvel Knights Subset
* Marvel Battles Subset
- "Bronze" Marvel Team Up Chase Set
- "Silver" Secret Identities Chase Set
- "Gold" Golden Age Chase Set
- Original Artist Sketch Cards
- Writer Autograph Cards