Marvel Beginnings Series 1 Trading Cards Box - Upper Deck

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Configuration:  24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

Begin your collection of the most comprehensive set of the Marvel Universe ever assembled!
- Includes the first 180 base cards of the entire 540-card set!

Chase one-of-a-kind artist sketch cards from some of the greatest comic artists in the industry!

Look for rare Breakthrough Issues Autographs
- Includes comic icons like Stan Lee and Brian Michael Bendis signing over some of the classic issues they created!

One (1) Breakthrough Issues Card per pack!
- Your chance to collect all the momentous covers without spending the thousands of dollars on the real issues!  Includes:
    *Amazing Fantasy Issue #15 - 1st Appearance of Spiderman
    *Daredevil (vol. 1) Issue #181 - Death of Elektra
    *Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) Issue #1 - 1st Appearance of the Hulk
    *X-Men (vol. 1) Issue #100 - Sacrifice and Death of Jean Grey
    *and many more!

One (1) Marvel Prime micromotion card OR X-Men Die-Cut card per pack!

Collect Hologram cards featuring the classic Marvel Villains!


Unique Marvel Sketch Cards!
- Artist Sketch Cards (1:72)

Autograph Cards!
- Breakthrough Issues Autographs (1:72)

Collectible Inserts!
- X-Men Die-Cut Cards (1:2)
- Marvel Prime Cards (1:2)
- Villain Hologram Cards (1:72)
- Breakthrough Issues (1:1)
- Ultimate Marvel Preview Cards (Varied #)

Regular Cards
- 180 Regular Cards

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