"The World of Harry Potter" 3D Trading Card Box (Artbox)

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

This set features 54 cards in stunning 3-D Technology! These 3-D cards require no special glasses to view, but instead use a lenticular process creating 3-D effects so lifelike that you’ll swear you’re watching the scenes on the big screen! Features scenes from all four previous Harry Potter films, will be a must-have item for fans eagerly awaiting the fifth Harry Potter film!

Inserts are to include:
- 9 Puzzle Inserts
- 6 Rare Inserts
- 3 Ultra Rare Inserts

7 Autograph Cards:
- Daniel Radcliffe "Harry Potter" (GOF)
- James Phelps "Fred Weasley" (SS)
- Oliver Phelps "George Weasley" (SS)
- David Thewlis "Remus Lupin"
- David Bradley "Argus Filch"
- Richard Bremmer "He who must not be Named"
- Robert Hardy "Cornelius Fudge" (COS)
- Warwick Davis "Professor Flitwick" (COS)
- Harry Taylor "Station Guard from Platform 9 3/4" (COS)

3 Dual Autograph Cards:
- Stanislav Ianevski and Robert Pattinson "Victor Krum & Cedric Diggory"
- Jamie Waylett and Joshua Herdman "Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle" (POA)
- Harry Melling and Richard Griffiths "Dudley and Vernon Dursley" (SS)

13 3-D Costume Cards including:
- Rupert Grint "Ron Weasley"
- David Thewlis "Remus Lupin"

10 3-D Prop Cards including:
- Marauder's Map
- Unfogging the Future