2010 Razor Cut Signature Edition Box

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Configuration:  1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

The exciting return of Razor Cut Signature marks our most exciting  Cut Signature Edition product to date. This year's product features more A-List celebrities than any Razor Cut Signature release ever.

- 1 Encapsulated Cut Signature Card Per Pack

Look for cut signatures of personalities such as:
Abraham Lincoln
John Gotti
Neil Armstrong
John Quincy Adams
Groucho Marx
Pope John Paul Ii
Mark Twain
John Wayne
Alfred Hitchcock
Clara Barton
Frank Sinatra
Paul Mccartney
Boris Karloff
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Jayne Mansfield
Muhammad Ali
Indira Gandhi
Clint Eastwood
Errol Flynn
Lucille Ball
Paul Newman
Jennifer Aniston
Taylor Swift
Brad Pitt
Al Pacino
Jim Henson
Harrison Ford
Johnny Depp
And Tons More...

Plus look for dual cut signatures of personalities including:
Elvis Presley/Muhammad Ali
Queen (Freddy Mercury plus 3 bandmates)
George Bush Sr./Saddam Hussein
The Sex Pistols (ALL 4!) and many, many more!


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