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Configuration:  24 packs per box.  10 cards per pack.


Relive the days of arcade games, boom boxes and Rubik's cubes. GARBAGE PAIL KIDS FLASHBACK takes you back to the radical '80s with this retro-cool series of stickers. Back in 1985, Garbage Pail Kids made collectible history - igniting a phenomenon that continues to this day. Topps now returns to its vaults to pay homage to the stickers that started it all. Wacky Pack Flashback rocked the card-collecting world last year with its powerful mix of vintage art and rare inserts, and this series takes that successful formula and applies it to the Garbage Pail Kids!

Each sticker in GARBAGE PAIL KIDS FLASHBACK features classic art, including characters that are now indelibly etched into pop culture such as Mixed-Up Mitch, Up Chuck, Dead Ted and Adam Bomb. Out of public view for over 20 years, these collector faves are now being released for the first time for a whole new generation. Plus, a special subset unearths 9 never-before-published "Lost GPKs." Another subset, "Where Are They Now" features brand-new art of classic GPKs as they would appear today. And the gross fun doesn't end there - check out these multiple levels of collectible inserts:

- Sketch Cards: 1/1 original hand drawings by the GPK artists. These were a huge hit when done for All-New Series 4, and are brought back for the first time here! (Odds TBD)

- 1/1 Original Printing Plates: The actual metal plates used to print each Garbage Pail Kids Flashback sticker will be inserted into packs. These are one-of-a-kind collectibles featuring 4 unique plates per subject - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. (Odds TBD)

- Multiple Levels of Rare Parallels - Gross Green, Punk Pink, Silver and Gold: The border color, along with the logo and nameplate, changes on these rare variations of the base set. Add to the mix the characters' B-name variation and you have multiple levels for maximum collectability. Approximately only 85 sets of the Gold parallels will be produced! This helped fuel the feverish collecting craze of Wacky Pack Flashback! (Green 1:4, Pink 1:6, Silver 1:12, Gold TBD)

- Loco Motion Cards: These 10 lenticular cards animate the Garbage Pail Kids for a maximum gross effect that no static card could achieve! (1:8 packs)

Series after series, Garbage Pail Kids delivers consistently high year-round sales. Earlier releases continue to sell side by side with newer series. All of this adds up to the simple fact that Garbage Pail Kids is a true evergreen brand that appeals to kids of all ages.

If you love the '80s, you'll love GARBAGE PAIL KIDS FLASHBACK. 

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