Topps Wacky Packages Series 10 - 2013 Collector Pack Box

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Product Description

Configuration: 14 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

- Wacky Packages All New Series 10 includes a loaded, exclusive hobby item with never-before-seen content!
- All New Series 10 Trading Card Set
- Each pack contains three (3) base stickers + one (1) Red Parallel + one (1) Black Canvas Texture Parallel + one (1) insert (either Awful App or As Screamed on TV sticker).

One (1) pack per box contains either one (1) Sketch Card, Print Plate, Artist Auto or Buy Back (replaces insert).
One (1) pack per box contains one (1) Cloth Sticker Parallel or Gold Base Parallel (replaces insert).
One (1) pack per box contains one (1) Ludlow Commemorative Black Base Parallel (replaces insert).
One (1) pack per box contains one (1) Hobby Bonus Sticker (replaces insert).
One (1) pack per case contains one (1) Ludlow Commemorative Red Base Parallel (replaces base card).



55 new hand-painted parodies
- (27) Card backs feature a mix of 9-card puzzles
- (27) Card backs feature new Wacky Billboard and Movie poster advertisements and Wacky product coupons

19 Special Themed subsets
- (10) Awful Apps
- (9) As Screamed on TV

25 additional cards deliver gags with fun twists
- (10) Magnet cards- our most attractive Wackies yet!
- (10) Tattoos- these laughs will stick with you for a long time!

Hobby Collector Pack Hit Rates
- Sketch Card, Printing Plate, Artist Auto or Buy Back : 1 per box

New! Hobby Collector Pack Exclusive Content Inserts & Parallels
- Lost Wacky 3 1:case (3 subjects)
- Ludlow Black Commemorative 1:box (75 subjects)
- Ludlow Red Commemorative 1:case (75 subjects)
- Collector's Bonus Card 1:box (8 subjects)
- Gold Base Parallel 2:case (55 subjects)
- Cloth Sicker Parallel 4:case (75 subjects)
- Red Base Parallel 1:pack (55 subjects)
- Black Card Parallel 1:pack (75 subjects)

Special Out-of-Pack Insert!!
- Wacky Oversized Bill Board - 1 per box (6 subjects)