Disney High School Musical Trading Cards Hobby Box - Topps

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 4 cards + 2 Stickers + 1 Kiss Cut Sticker per pack.

Meet The New Kids On The Block

In the tradition of a long line of mega-successful teenybopper series featuring phenoms such as Michael Jackson and the New Kids on the Block, Topps is releasing a set of cards based on the newest pop craze: Disney's High School Musical.

If you're a parent, you know that this is the property that all the kids are talking about. In fact, you've probably sat through countless viewings of the TV movie - and you may have even caught yourself humming one or two of its infectious dance tunes. High School Musical is "Grease" for today's generation and a unique success story that crosses over multiple media outlets: tremendous ratings, record-breaking DVD sales, and a soundtrack album that topped the Billboard charts and just won't go away.

And this is just the beginning. High School Musical 2 premieres on the Disney Channel this August and is easily the most anticipated TV event of the year.

High School Musical Card & Sticker Fun Packs are designed for maximum appeal to the core audience - tween girls. Each pack is filled with great photos of their favorite stars (including heartthrob Zac Efron) from both High School Musical 1 & 2 and fun activities:

- Sticker cards with a flipbook animation of Troy reenacting the dance steps from the finale of the first film.
- Kiss-Cut sticker sheets with puzzles on the back that link to form a giant poster.
- Glitter foil inserts for decorating notebooks, folders, etc.
- Felt sticker inserts featuring Wildcats and East Side High pennants.
- Memorabilia Cards with swatches from costumes worn on the set!