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Configuration:   6 cards per pack.

Stargate Universe: Season 2 Premium Pack Trading Cards will cover all 20 episodes of the second season as well as highlight the crew and the ship herself, Destiny.
Each premium pack will contain 2 Autograph Cards, 2 episode cards, 1 "Destiny" chase card and 1 "Secrets" chase card.

Checklist includes:
Autograph Cards (2 cards per Premium Pack)
Signers include series stars:
Ming-Na as Camille Wray
David Blue as Eli Wallace
Lou Diamond Phillips as Colonel David Telford
Alaina Huffman as Tamara Johansen
Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong
Brian J. Smith as Matthew Scott
Jamil Walker Smith as Ronald Greer
Louis Ferrera as Colonel Everett Young
As well as series regulars and guest stars including:
Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O'Neill
Julie McNiven as Ginn
Mike Dopud as Varro
Glynis Davies as Marian Wallace
Ryan Kennedy as Dr. Williams
Zak Santiago as Rivers
Sarah Mutch as Celina

20 Episode Synopses Cards, 1 card per episode, with each card sequentially numbered to 400
(2 cards per Premium Pack)

9 "Destiny" Cards, depicting various sections of Destiny with each card sequentially numbered to 444
(1 card per Premium Pack)

9 "Secrets" Cards, everyone on Destiny has their own secret, with each card sequentially numbered to 444
(1 card per Premium Pack)

Product Configuration:
6 Cards Per Premium Pack
15 Packs Per Box - Limited to only 250 Boxes!