Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series 1 Trading Card (Rittenhouse) Set

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Configuration:  17 cards per set.

This limited edition set of Amazing Spider-Man Movie Trading Cards (Series 1) includes one of two different Andrew Garfield autograph cards (one as Spider-Man and the other as Peter Parker); 7 costume relic cards, including 1 Spider-man costume relic, 3 Peter Parker costume relics, 2 Gwen Stacy costume relics and 1 Dr. Connors costume relic; and 9 character cards (Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Dr. Connors, George Stacy, Dr. Ratha, Flash Thompson, Ben Parker and Young Peter Parker).

Only 444 total sets available (i.e. 222 of each of the regular Garfield autograph cards, and 111 of the autograph/relic card).