Topps Mars Attacks Invasion Trading Cards Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

- A BOLD REVIVAL of the infamous trading card series
- FIRST STORY-BASED MARS ATTACKS card set in more than half a century
- INSPIRED BY THE ORIGINAL True to its pulp sci-fi roots with a modern edge
- 2 Hits Per Box!


MARS ATTACKS: INVASION is a series of themed subsets that combine to tell the story of an alien apocalypse unlike any other.

More than 80 pieces of all-new art illustrated by famed artists:
- EARL NOREM (Hulk, Conan)
- JOE JUSKO (Marvel Masterpieces)
- GLEN ORBIK (Batman, Spider-Man)
- GREG STAPLES (Judge Dredd)
- ED REPKA (Megadeth)

- Depicting the invasion of earth

- Mars Attacks Masterpieces (1:8) Art by renowned illustrators Dan Brereton, Jeff Miracola, Sanjulian
- Anatomy of a Martian (1:12) 6 Clear Acetate Cards that combine to reveal a dissected Martian Soldier
- Join the Fight! (1:6) 4 different propaganda poster cards by artist Steven Thomas
- Early Encounters (1:12) Story-based subset by legendary artist Earl Norem chronicling pre-invasion tales

Multiple Levels of Sketch Cards: Guaranteed one per box

Loaded Sketch Packs
- 4 connecting sketch card puzzles cut and loaded into a single pack! (50)

Double Sketch Cards
- Stand alone greats that form scenes when connected

Creator Sketch Cards
- Unique card design

Classic Autographs
- Len Brown
- Zina Saunders
- Simon Bisley
- Earl Norem

Comic Creator Autographs
- John McCrea
- John Layman
- Kieth Giffen
- Charles Adlard (The Walking Dead)

Themed Medallion Relics

Patch Relics

Printing Plates

PLUS Vintage 1962 Buy-Back Cards

Multiple Levels of Parallels
- Concept Parallels (2: case)
- Heritage Parallels (1:4)
- Gold Foil Parallels (1:12)
- Join The Fight Graffiti Parallels (1: case)

120 Cards to Collect!
- 100) Base cards
- (5) Anatomy of a Martian Subset
- (4) Join the Fight Subset
- (5) Mars Attacks Masterpiece Subset
- (6) Early Encounter Subset