2013 Historic Autographs Celebrity Box

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Configuration: 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

Historic Autographs will release our first strictly non-sport autograph product. The limited issue will have less than (90) 12-box cases and include Hollywood stars and starlets, musicians, Nobel Prize winner, astronauts and politicians. Keys to include John Wayne, Frank Sintara, Sammy Davis, Mick Jagger, Gary Cooper, Rock Hudson, WC Fields, Alec Guiness, Peter Cushing, Jane Russell, Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, James Watson, Francis Crick, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Glenn Miller, Irvin Berlin, Benny Hill, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington & Juan Peron.

With less than 90 cases made, this VERY LIMITED product is a much needed extension of the Historic Autographs product line. Over the past year, HA has traveled to many of our distributors summits and expositions to listen to the brick-and-mortar owner and find out what they want to see from Historic Autographs. A common request was a non-sport celebrity edition - with a historical, not a "pop" focus). Many of the signatures found within are vintage but HA has made sure to include many of the actors from the TOP movies and television's shows of all-time including Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, MASH, Batman and most members of the Rat Pack.