2011 Topps American Pie Trading Cards Box

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Configuration:  24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.


Celebrate the greatest moments and personalities in America's rich pop cultural history with the return of topps american pie! From the end of World War II to the stars of today, Topps American Pie chronicles the people, events, fads, and fashions that have captured America's imagination for over six decades.

Featuring Autographs, Relics, Cut Signatures, Autograph Relics, Patches, Stamps, And Coins AT A RATE OF 3 PER HOBBY BOX!


- Featuring 200 great moments, events, and people in American history. As the faces and places change, so does the base design!

- American Pie Foil Parallel: A foilboard parallel of all 200 base cards.

- American Pie Spotlight Parallel: A parallel putting all 200 base cards in the spotlight they deserve. Sequentially #'d to 76.

INSERT CARDS - 1 In Every Pack That Doesn't Have A Parallel!
- Hollywood Walk Of Fame: 50 cards featuring celebrities who have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Inserted 1:3.

- Fads & Fashions: Remember pet rocks and acid-washed jeans? These 30 cards will help you recall all those short-lived fads and regrettable fashions from throughout American history, whether you want to or not. Inserted 1:4.

- Hirsute History: 20 cards featuring hairstyles and facial hair whose moment in the sun has passed. Inserted 1:6.

BUYBACK CARDS - 1 Per Hobby Box!
- Repurchased cards from Topps' rich back catalog are specially stamped and inserted 1 PER HOBBY BOX!

Bob Costas
Mickey Rooney
Jimmie Walker
Maxim Chmerkovskiy
Shanna Moakler
Tom Arnold
Trista Sutter
Kato Kaelin
Andrew Zimmern
John O'Hurley
Tia Carrere
Henry Winkler
Sean Astin
Buddy Valastro
Carmen Electra
Jack Hanna
Chris Hansen
Naomi Judd
Susan Lucci
Butch Patrick
Billy Baldwin
Chynna Phillips
Larry Thomas
Bret Michaels
John Ratzenberger
Wilmer Valderama
Jeffrey Ross
Vincent Pastore
Paul Teutul, Sr.
Joey Fatone
Gilbert Gottfried
Dean Cain
Justin Willman
Joe Gannascoli

Plus Topps 60Th Anniversary Autographs Of Charlie Sheen!


- American Pie Autographs: 40 celebrities and other pop culture icons sign 200 autographs each.

- Buyback Autographs: Select subjects will sign additional autographs on repurchased Topps cards of the past. Hand-numbered.

- American Pie Cut Signatures: 50 cards featuring an authentic signature from the biggest names in American culture and history. ONE OF ONE!

- American Pie Dual Cut Signatures: 10 book cards featuring 2 authentic signatures. ONE OF ONE!

- American Pie Quad Cut Signatures: 5 book cards featuring 4 authentic signatures. ONE OF ONE!

- American Pie Autograph Relics: The 40 celebrity signers will sign an additional 50 autographs each, which will be paired with a relic piece. Sequentially #'d to 50.

- American Pie Cut Signature Relics: 5 cards featuring an authentic signature and relevant relic piece from the biggest names in American culture and history. ONE OF ONE!

- Hollywood Walk Of Fame Patches: 25 cards featuring a celebrity with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a specially created patch of that star. Sequentially #'d to 50.

- Hollywood Sign Letter Patches: These jumbo relic cards feature a letter patch in the style of the famed Hollywood sign. 25 subjects will have 25 of each letter available. Sequentially #'d to 25.

- Hollywood Sign Fold-Out Letter Patches: A full version of the above cards, all 25 subjects will have a book card available that folds out to reveal the entirety of the Hollywood sign! ONE OF ONE! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!

- American Pie Relics: Cards featuring a relic piece from 50 celebrities and other pop culture icons. AMERICAN PIECES RELICS: Cards featuring a relic from uniquely American items, monuments, and locales.

- American Pie Stamp Collection: 15 cards featuring a great American event or person and a stamp from that year or the person's year of birth. Numbered to 76.

- American Pie Coin Collection: 75 cards featuring a great American event or person and a coin from that year or the person's year of birth. Each subject will have five versions available: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and Half-Dollar. Each is numbered to 76.

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