2013 Leaf Masterpiece Cuts Trading Cards Box

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Configuration:  1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

Leaf Is Pleased To Announce An Exciting New Cut Signature Set For 2013, Leaf Masterpiece Cut Signature Edition.

- Each Pack Contains One Leaf Masterpiece Cut Signature Card (Each Card Is Beckett Encapsulated For Protection)
- Limited Production!

This Release Features An Incredibly Diverse Checklist Of Personalities From All Areas Of Collectability. This Release Is Made Much More Exciting By The Fact That Every Single Cut Is A 1/1! In Addition To Each Cut Being Of The Ultimate Scarcity, The Total Production For This Release Is A Mere 700 Packs.

Look For An Incredible Selection Of 1/1 Cut Signatures Including:
- Abraham Lincoln
- Thomas Jefferson
- Babe Ruth
- John Lennon
- Roberto Clemente
- Elvis Presley
- Andrew Jackson
- James K. Polk
- Princess Diana
- Michelle Obama
- Ernie Davis
- Barack Obama
- Franklin Pierce
- James Garfield
- John Gotti
- James Naismith
- Charlie Chaplin
- Orville Wright
- Rogers Hornsby
- Millard Fillmore
- Thomas Edison
- William McKinley
- Jackie Robinson
- Walter Hagen
- Chester Arthur
- John Quincy Adams
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
- Kennesaw Mountain Landis
- Jackie Kennedy
- King Henry IV
- Martin Van Buren
- Michael Jordan
- Ronald Reagan
- Madonna
- Tiger Woods
- and MANY MORE!

Look For Amazing Dual Cut Signature 1/1, Including:
- Barack Obama / Michelle Obama
- Princess Diana / Prince Charles
- Elijah Muhammad / Muhammad Ali
- Lady Bird Johnson / Lyndon B. Johnson
- And Many More!!!!!!!

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