2014 Topps Wacky Packages Chrome Box

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Product Description
Configuration: 24 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

- Wacky Packages has been providing hilarious product parody stickers for more than 40 years
- With a timeless sense of humor, Wacky Packages pokes fun at consumerism and favorite brands
- Each card is hand painted giving it a unique look which fans love


Fun parallels and new inserts to collect!
- Standard Refractor: This refractor brings amazing new colors to the Chrome cards
- Wacky Ads: A reprint of the complete 1969 Wacky Ads series
- Superfractor: This ultra rare, 1 of 1 parallel will be a truly unique and fun card to collect
- Cutting Room Floor: Unused concepts from the 70s series that have been completed and printed for the first time
- Where Are They Now: Vintage Wackys products are updated to reflect their current packaging design
- Lost Wackys: Wackys that didn't make it into their original series get printed on Chrome

110 Chrome Cards to Collect!
- (44) Original 1967 Series
- (33) 1973 Series 2
- (30) 1973 Series 3
- (3) Checklist for each series

Variety of Refractors Provide Chase for Collectors
- Standard Refractor (1:2)
- Blue Border Refractor (1 of 50 per card) - Hobby Only!
- Gold Border Refractor (1 of 25 per card) - Hobby Only!
- Superfractor (1 of 1 per card)

- (36)Wacky Ads (1:3)
- (20) Cutting Room Floor (1:4)
- (10) Lost Wackys (1:6)
- (5) Where Are They Now (1:8)

Exciting Hits Add Value for Collectors
- Printing Plates: One of a kind printing plates from the base set
- Co-creator Autographs: Wacky Packages co-creator Len Brown autographs on the base cards
- Redemption Cards: Redemption cards for rare, uncut sheets of Wacky Packages Chrome
- Buy Backs: Repurchased Wacky Packages from the 1967 Series, 1973 Series 2, and 1973 Series 3
- Chrome Framed Sketch Cards: Original Wacky artist sketch cards in a Chrome frame