War Of The Worlds 1: Coming Of Martians (Cult Stuff) Box

Product Info
Product Description
Configuration: 1 pack per box. 31 cards per pack.

- Each Hobby Box Includes A Limited 27 Card Factory Set, At Least 1 Premium Insert & 3 Or More Chase Cards.
- Premium Inserts Include Sketch Cards, Artifacts, Stage Props And First Edition Cuts.
- Very Limited. Only 150 Hobby Cases Produced


This set is without a doubt one of the best we have put out to date. The product will appeal to to not only to our established the literary collectors but also to sci-fi fans and sketch collectors in general. The sketch cards are of an extremely high quality and many of the illustrators have had more than 6 months to complete the work so you will not find the rushed sketch cards that seem so common in products these days. No one illustrator on the set has completed more than 50 cards.

This is a premium factory set (27-36 basic cards) which will be distributed in cases of 10 hobby sets, and you will also find 3 additional retail sets in  every case.  Each Hobby set will include at least 1 premium insert and a  selection of chase cards (at least 3 probably more). Premiums include: Sketch cards (6-7 per case) Stage Show Props (0-1 per case) First Edition cards (3-4 per case) Artifact cards (Random). Every case will include 2 of the 4 available case cards. Chase cards include 2 different 9 card puzzle sets and a parallel cards printed on our vintage stock along with Glow in the dark and other enhanced cards.

First Edition Cards: When The War of the Worlds was first released in 1897 is was in a serialized format (common at the time) in Pearson's Magazine and this first edition differs from the final published novel that would come out a year later. We have obtained first editions of the story and these have been used in the set. You will find cut images text selections and original Warwick Globe fold out illustration cards. These cards are all hand assembled so each card is different. You will find at least 4 major variations so customers will not find the same cards over and over.

Sketch Artist List
Adam Black
Adam Tally
Al Davidson
Andy Broome
Angela Capel
Barry Linck
Bianca Thompson
Carolyn Edwards
Chris Thorne
Clinton Yeager
Dan Gorman
Danny Silva
Dave Sharpe
Debra Quinn
Elisa Chong
Eric Van Elslande
Eric White
Gavin Hunt
George Vega
Gavin Hunt
George Vega
Huy Truong
James  Riot
Jason Westlake
Jesse Hughes
John Monserrat
Josh Werner
Kitty L Dye
Kris Justice
Laura Inglis
Manny Maderos
Marcia Dye
Marcus Pullen
Mark Martino
Mark Wright
Matt Erkhart
Matthew Zeigler
Mike Vasquez
Patrick Hamill
Paulina Vassileva
Peter Simeti
Robert Hack
Roy Cover
Sal Galindo
Scott Fellowes
Scott Houseman
Ted Dastick
Ted Woods
Terry Pavlet
Tim Dowler
Wu Wei