WizKids Heroclix Marvel Avengers Booster 20 Pack Case

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Product Description

Configuration: 20 packs per case. 5 figures per pack.

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers continues the fifth anniversary of HeroClix in a big way with the premiere Marvel super-team that's so big it requires 60 exclusive figures to get them all in! Avengers takes HeroClix to a whole new level with a number of new features for players, collectors, and retailers alike!

* Character cards now give figures more thematic powers and abilities plus background information like first appearances, secret identities, and more!

* HeroClix now features an industry-standard rarity model; each piece is now marked with a set symbol colored to represent rarity.

* The Booster size has increased to accommodate 5 figures, character cards and some of the most amazing sculpts ever in HeroClix!

- 5 randomly packed figures with character cards
- 1 feat card, bystander token, or battlefield condition card
- 1 marketing insert