2012 Sportkings Series E 48 Box Case

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Product Description

Configuration:  48 boxes per master case*. 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

*Each master case contains Three 16-box inner cases.

Each box of Sportkings Series E will contain five cards. Three Base Cards (including random minis), one Base Card - Premium Back and one Insert Card (either an Authentic Game-Memorabilia Card or an Authentic Autograph Card-hard signed).

Series E will also feature some outstanding "case hits". Each 16-box inner case will include either a Cut Signature Card, a Spectacular Patch Card or a 1/1 Art Card painted by famed sports artist Jared Kelley.

There 250 Master Cases available.  There are 3 16-box inner cases in a Master Case.

1/1 Art Cards In Sportkings Series E

Sportkings Series E will have an absolutely amazing collection of 1/1 Art Cards.    
In September 2011 Dr. Price signed an exclusive agreement with well-knows artist Jared Kelly to paint For Sport Kings and related companies.
"I have been admiring Jared's work for some time now and felt that his work would be an awesome addition to my trading card companies," said Price. "His painting directly on trading cards brings another dimension to the hobby and I know collectors of my products are going to enjoy collecting his work."
Most recently, Kelley painted twenty-two of the forty-two US Presidents for Upper Deck's Goodwin Champions product. The cards Kelley painted currently sell for upwards of $700 in the hobby.

"Jared will be painting his first cards for Sportkings Series E, which will be released May 3, 2012. We will be adding a couple of new wrinkles in the painting of these cards to make them even better than the ones Jared has done before," said Price. "I am excited to have Jared join our family as we are all dedicated to make trading cards that collectors want to collect."
Jared is an illustrator and portraitist living in rural Alabama. He received a BFA from Auburn University Montgomery in Studio Painting and taught visual art to grades 6-12 for three years after graduating college. He is also the Executive Assistant for the Alabama Alliance for Arts Education. Part of his time is also spent hosting yearly paint classes at Camp Smile-A-Mile for children and teens fighting cancer, as well as for their families. Some of Jared's past clients have been Alabama Governor Don Seigleman, Fredrick G. Levin, the Upper Deck Company, Baptist Medical Centers, and talk radio host Greg Budell.
Visit www.jaredkelley.com to see artwork by Jared Kelley. 

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