WizKids HeroClix DC Justice League Booster 20 Pack Case

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Configuration: 20 packs per case. 5 figures per pack.

DC HeroClix: Justice League heralds a new era for HeroClix! Each five-figure Justice League Booster Pack contains even more action packed 3-D super hero combat than ever before, with 60 individual characters representing one million years worth of JUSTICE LEAGUE characters!

All-new HeroClix character cards add powers and abilities to make your favorite super heroes stand out like never before. Keywords link heroes to other heroes AND their allies from previous HeroClix releases. And exciting and informative background information like real names and first appearances enhances the storyline in all-new ways! DC HeroClix: Justice League is fully compatible with all HeroClix products.

Each Booster Case contains 2 ClixBricks

Each ClixBrick contains 10 Booster Packs.

Each Booster Pack contains:
- 5 pre-painted, random miniature game figures
- 5 characters cards
- 1 Feat card, bystander token, or battlefield condition card
- 1 marketing insert