2011 Ringside Boxing Round Two: Standing 8 Count - 16 Box Case

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Configuration: 16 boxes per master case*. 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.

*Each master case contains Two 8-box inner cases.

Ringside Boxing Round 2

Every Box of Ringside Round 2 is guaranteed to contain:
- Three Base Cards
- Three Turkey Reds
- One Autograph Card
- One Memorabilia card or Ringside Seat Card

Every 8 Box case will contain a special Muhammad Ali CASE TOPPER hand numbered and limited to 10

The 100 card base card set is made up of 5 subsets and includes a gold parallel /9 and a 1/1 Onyx version. There will be a base version of the Mecca Turkey Red Insert along with a limited parallels gold limited to 9 & Onyx 1/1. All Autograph cards are hard signed and available in both silver and gold versions. There will be a silver and gold 1/1 versions of many of the insert sets including Single, Double, Triple & Quad Memorabilia, Decades, For Your Country, Hometown Hero, King Size Memorabilia and many more including cut signatures, Ringside Seat authentic fight tickets and stubs and 1/1 Ringside Boxing Logo Cards.