2014 Leaf Sports Icons Cut Signature 10 Box Case

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Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack*.
*1 Cut Signature Encapsulated Card per Pack

- As an added value in 2014, every single card is numbered to 10 or less!
- Plus look for dual-cut signature cards featuring two cut signatures of sports icons on the same card!


Leaf is pleased to announce the return of one of its mainstay cut signature releases: 2014 Leaf Sports Icons Cut Signature. This release features many of the sports world's most noteworthy names from all fields of athletics to create a very popular and very diverse collectiong experience.

Look for exciting cut signature cards of:
- Babe Ruth
- Honus Wagner
- King Clancy
- Roy Campanella
- Jimmie Foxx
- Bobby Jones
- Rogers Hornsyby
- Wilt Chamberlain
- Muhammad Ali
- Michael Jordan
- Alexander Cartwright
- Jackie Robinson
- Tiger Woods
- Wayne Gretzky
- And many more!!!
- Knute Rockne

Look for Presidents who threw out the first pitch such as:
- Barack Obama
- Jimmy Carter
- Bill Clinton
- George W. Bush
- Calvin Coolidge
- Woodrow Wilson
- Harry Truman
- Herbert Hoover

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