2014 Topps UFC Champions Hobby 12 Box Case


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Product Description
Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 20 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

Making its Octagon Debut in 2014, UFC champions highlights current champions, legendary fighters from the past 20 years, new rising stars and future title contenders.

- Each hobby box has 20 packs and 5 hits, containing a mix of relic, autographed and autographed relic cards.


- 200 UFC fighters from the past and present, including current champions, past title-holders, future contenders, and newly-debuting fighters!

All base cards receive the following parallels, inserted 1 per pack!
- Silver Parallel
- Black Parallel - Numbered to 188!
- Blue Parallel - Numbered to 88! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- Gold Champions Predictor Parallel - Numbered to 25!
- Red    Parallel - Numbered to 8!
- Platinum Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1!
- Octagon greats - 25 of the best of the best to step foot in a UFC Octagon are celebrated in this insert set.
- Fight night highlights - Submission, Knockout, and Fight of the night winners grace these cards celebrating their amazing performances.

- Fighter  Autographs - Up to 40 fighters are showcased with their autographs. First-time signers will receive  an additional "First Issue" designation.
    - Red Parallel - #'d to 8
    - Platinum Parallel - #'d 1 of 1
    - Red Ink Autographs - Fighters sign in red ink along with his or her nickname where applicable. Numbered to 15! HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- Octagon Greats Autographs - Select fighters featured in the insert receive their own autographed parallel. Numbered to 25!
- Fight of the Night Autographs - A portion of the insert set have autographed parallels. Numbered to    25!
- Fight Night Highlights Dual Autographs - Pairs of Fight of the Night winners are shown together with their autographs. Numbered to 10!
- Championship Lineage Dual Autographs - Two fighters who held the same    belt share a card that contains both combatants' autographs. Numbered to 10!

Fight Mat relics - Cards contain swatches of authentic fight-used mats from UFC events
- Gold Parallel - Numbered to 25!
- Red Parallel - Numbered to 8!
- Platinum Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1!
Fighter relics - Cards feature swatches of fighter-worn shorts and shirts.
- Gold Parallel - Numbered to 25!
- Red Parallel - Numbered to 8!
- Platinum Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1!
Fighter Autographed Relic Cards - Over 25 fighters featured with their autographs    alongside a piece of fighter-worn gear.   
- Red Parallel - Numbered to 8!
- Platinum Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1!
Autographed Jumbo Fight Mat Relics - An oversized piece of Octagon mat and a signature of a fighter who competed on that mat share space on this card. Numbered to 25!
- Red Parallel - Numbered    to 8!
- Platinum Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1!

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