Magic the Gathering Planar Chaos Precon/Theme Deck 6 Box Case

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Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 12 decks per box. 61 cards per deck.

Pre-constructed/Theme Box Contains 3 of each the following decks:
- Endless March
- Unraveling Mind
- Ixidors Legacy
- Rituals of Rebirth

What if everything you knew about Magic had changed?

Planar Chaos continues the story of post-apocalyptic Dominaria started in Time Spiral.
Where Time Spiral evoked nostalgia for the past with old mechanics and homages to old cards, Planar Chaos moves back to the present, but along a different path. We're now in an alternate reality present, slightly askew from normal.

* A shattered past leads to an altered present
- Planar Chaos features many familiar cards, themes, and mechanics, but altered in type, color, and execution.

* The second set in the popular Time Spiral block, Planar Chaos continues the block's themes.
- Set in Dominaria, the popular home world of most Magic expansions.
- Features the return of popular mechanics and creatures from the past

* Expands on the block mechanics: Flash, Suspend, and Split-Second.

* More Time-shifted cards
- Where Time Spiral had cards form the past appearing in booster packs, Planar Chaos time-shifted cards take the present in new directions.
- These cards, though distinctly different than the rest of the set, are numbered and collated together with the rest of Planar Chaos.