Yugioh Aster Phoenix Duelist Booster 10 Box Lot

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Product Description

Configuration:  10 boxes per lot.  30 packs per box. 5 cards + 1 strategy card per pack.


- Acquire Aster's best cards!
- New cards in Aster Duelist Packs never seen before outside of the cartoon.
- A unique Strategy Card designed to further your skill with the character's Deck!

- Modify current Structure Decks or add them to Starter Decks for your own take on the GX theme.
- Increase multiple purchases with an enticing price point!
- 5 cards and a Strategy card in every pack.
- Collect 17 common cards (4:1), 7 Rare cards (1:1), 4 Super Rare cards (1:6), 2 Ultra Rare cards (1:24), and 10 Strategy cards in the Aster set.