Yugioh 2005 Collector's Tin 12 Tin Case

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Configuration: 12 Tins per case.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Collectible Tins are better than ever in 2005 with 5 of the best Boosters and newexciting tin design and never seen before unique cards. These 4 color embossed Collector Tins will feature six different designs to collect. Each tin will feature a Monster graphic that matches the exclusive card.

Tin Contents:

* 5 Booster Packs:
o 1 Dark Beginning volume 1
o 1 Soul of the Duelist
o 1 Rise of Destiny
o 1 Flaming Eternity
o 1 Dark Revelation volume 1
* 1 New Exclusive Card
* Pocket Guide to the GX Series