Yugioh 2007 Duelist Pack Collection Tin - 12 Tin Case

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Product Description

Configuration: 12 tins per case. 6 packs per tin. 6 cards per pack.

This product will introduce the GX Character Theme TINS to YGO players and GX fans.

The Duelist Pack Tins will combine the most popular characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX in a single product.

Selling Points:

• Players will have all characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX TV show together in one product, giving kids more visibility of the game and knowledge from the show.

• Kids will have a guide that will include rules/play examples, and deck ideas using cards from the Duelist Packs. It will be a great guide to teach and attract new duelists.

• The players will receive 6 Duelist Packs, plus a Collectible TIN to store the cards.

• The Duelist Pack Tin is a great Easter gift item for parents to buy for their kids.


• 6 Duelist Packs per tin:

* 1 Jaden Duelist Pack
* 1 Chazz Duelist Pack
* 1 Jaden 2 Duelist Pack
* 1 Aster Duelist Pack
* 2 Zane Duelist Packs
* 1 Rules/Play Beginner’s Guide

Duelist Pack Zane Preview before its core release!