Pokemon EX Delta Species Precon Theme Deck 6 Box Case

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Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 8 decks per box . 60 cards per deck

Behold the newest species of Pokemon!

From the research labs in the tower of Holon comes a revelation that will thrill anyone who trains and collects Pokemon:  there's a brand-new species of Pokemon! In Ex Delta Species, players will share in the discovery of these rare and unique Dual Energy Pokemon, as well as experiment with cool new Holon Energy that will make Pokemon Delta Species even more powerful! Are you ready to put the new Delta Species to the test?

Breakthrough Theme Deck:
Reveal your brilliance to your opponents with the Breakthrough theme deck.  Using Grass and Lightning Pokemon - and the brand-new Pokemon Delta Species - you'll show your opponents just what a little science can achieve!

Steeplechase Theme Deck:
It's a race you're sure to win when you challenge your opponents with the Steeplechase theme deck.  Your Fire and Pokemon Delta Species overrun your opponents and leave them chasing your dust!