Pokemon EX Fire Red/Leaf Green Theme Deck 6 Box Case

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Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 8 decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

Brace yourself for an All-New era of Battle

Get ready to an epic adventure.  Collect Pokémon from the Kanto region and send them head-to-head against Pokémon from Hoenn.  Capture them.  Train them.  And, move one step closer to becoming a Master Trainer!

LeafGreen Theme Deck:
Want a few new tricks up your sleeve? Love to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents? Team up with Ivysaur and other gifted Pokémon for brilliant attacks like Razor Leaf and Speed Shot.

FireRed Theme Deck:
Craving raw firepower? Want to turn up the heat on the competition? Join forces with Charmeleon and other fierce Pokémon for attacks like Damage Burn and Heat Tackle.

Each Pokémon theme deck contains 1 complete 60-card deck.  Each contains a total of 1 rare holographic card, 2 rare cards, 11 uncommon cards, 22 common cards and 24 Energy cards.  Many of the cards exist in multiples to provide a more enjoyable playing experience.