Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Majestic Dawn Theme Deck 6 Box Case

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Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 8 decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

The Discoveries Continue in Diamond & Pearl - Majestic Dawn

The fifth expansion in the popular Diamond & Pearl Series will feature exciting Pokémon like Leafeon, Glaceon, and Garchomp LV.X, and more brand new Diamond & Pearl Pokémon like the mysterious Water Pokémon Phione.

And with more of the powerful Pokémon LV.X plus more new gameplay combos, the Diamond & Pearl Series just keeps getting more exciting!

Polar Frost Theme Deck:
Don't miss the power inside the Polar Frost theme deck because if there's a chill in the air, Glaceon must be right around the corner!  When the Fresh Snow Pokémon puts on the freeze with its Icy Wind attack, it just might blast your opponent into deep hibernation!  Plus, Jolteon charges in with a signature attack that rarely needs to hit twice - Lightning Strike!  With a Polar Frost theme deck, not only do you shock the competition, you put it on ice!

Forest Force Theme Deck:
In the Forest Force theme deck, Leafeon surrounds itself in fresh air with a trick that breathes new life into your game plans!  Wrapping up its opponents with its Spriral Drain attack - squeezing tightly while regaining health - Leafeon will take roots and dominate the competition!  And get ready for another health boost when Espeon raises the HP for Leafeon and itself with its Sunlight Veil Poké-Body!  When you play with the Forest Force theme deck, you put the enduring power of nature in your corner!