WizKids Heroclix Marvel Sinister Booster 48 Pack Case

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Configuration: 48 packs per case. 4 figures per pack.

Product Description and Content:

Bring on the bad guys! Marvel HeroClix®: Sinister is the villainously evil expansion for the Marvel HeroClix game! With a cavalcade of corrupt criminals at your command like Rhino, Stilt-Man, Bullseye, and Trapster, your HeroClix game just got a little more sinister! More than a dozen debut villains not enough for you? Marvel HeroClix: Sinister also features the first special object tokens in the Marvel HeroClix universe, giving players even more options for their 3-D superhero combat!

4 figures; 1 bystander token, battlefield condition card, object card, or feat card; 1 rules sheet