WizKids HeroClix DC Collateral Damage Booster 48 Pack Case

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Configuration: 48 packs per case. 4 figures per pack.

* 4 figures; 1 bystander token, battlefield condition card, object card, or feat card; 1 rules sheet

When superpowers clash, things get wrecked! DC HeroClix: Collateral Damage features a cool wreckage theme, featuring debris from the city included on many of the sculpts. Clayface bashes through a wall; Kalibak wields a piece of a car he just destroyed!

Expanding the DC HeroClix universe to include some of the most powerful villains, Collateral Damage packs a lot of power and game play into each booster. New Object Token cards, similar to Bystander Tokens, bring special objects to the game. And Kyle Rayner-the Green Lantern-makes his HeroClix debut in grand style. The set also debuts dozens of characters never-before-seen in HeroClix.

For the DC HeroClix: Collateral Damage set, customers who buy it by the brick can mail in for an exclusive Krypto HeroClix figure. This will be the only time Krypto will ever appear in HeroClix, so make sure collectors know about this opportunity! Also, the New Guy Night tie-in promotion will feature an amazing new Superman figure with a brand-new sculpt, and stats that will only be available at the New Guy Night for this release!

Get ready to create some Collateral Damage!