WizKids HeroClix Marvel Fantastic Forces Booster 48 Pack Case

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Configuration: 48 packs per case. 3 figures per pack.

Marvel HeroClix: Fantastic Forces is large and in charge! The first HeroClix expansion to feature an oversized figure in every three-figure booster, Fantastic Forces features 104 characters, including eight super-rare figures and twenty-four oversized characters! These big hitters include giants like Yellowjacket, and all-new double-based characters like Ghost Rider!

Favorites both old and new round out Fantastic Forces, as the Ultimate Fantastic Four do battle with the Ultimate Doctor Doom, and Scarlet Witch teams up with the Sub-Mariner!

Each booster will contain one of the oversized figures, either a giant figure or a double-based figure; two regular-sized figures; and a bystander token, battlefield condition, or feat card.

Booster Pack Contents

3 figures, including one oversized figure

1 bystander token, battlefield condition, or feat card.
1 rules sheet