VS System DC Infinite Crisis Collectors Tin 6 Box Case

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Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 2 deck boxes, 130 holo foil sleeves, 4 booster packs, 6 variant cards per collector box.

Upper Deck Entertainment presents the Infinite Crisis Collector Set, the perfect gift for comic book fans and gamers alike! This unique collector set contains stunning artwork, 2 deck boxes with art from the Infinite Crisis booster set, 6 exclusive variant extended art foil cards, 130 Infinite Crisis themed card sleeves, and four Infinite Crisis booster packs. This Collector Set is an ideal way to get started with the Vs. System or to expand your existing collection.
Enlist the aid of the original Super Hero team, the Justice Society of America, or embrace the diabolical plans of Villains United or the Secret Six.Wield the mighty magical forces of the Shadowpact or the technological power of Checkmate. Whichever side you choose, the fate of the DC universe is in your hands!


* Tins feature artwork by renowned comic artists
* Exclusive variant Extended Art foil cards
* Two tins to collect
* 130 Vs. System branded sleeves, with art from the booster set
* Set features top DC Comics characters, including Shazam, the Spectre, Lex Luthor, Dr. Fate, Deathstroke, and many more!
* Winner Game of the Year 2005 by Inquest Magazine!