World of Warcraft Aftermath:Crown of Heavens Booster 12 Box Case

Product Info
Product Description

Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 36 packs per box. 16 cards per pack.

World of Warcraft Set 17 Aftermath: Crown of the Heavens

Contents Summary:
- Card set total 218 (64C, 60U, 24H, 60R, 10E)
- 16 Cards per pack, includes 15 game cards (10 C, 4 U, 1 R or E) and 1 hero or crafting/token card (Loot cards randomly inserted-replaces hero/crafting/token)
- 3 Different Loot cards (1U, 1R, 1E)

Product Highlights
- Introduces new playable Monster hero races and classes!
    *Demons, Dryads, and Ogres are the featured Monster races in Crown of the Heavens.
    *New exciting powers for each of the featured Monster races.
    *And of course, brand new Murlocs (including an epic Murloc)!
- NEW 36-pack display supports eight-person Draft tournament play out of one box.
- NEW pack size and configuration improves Limited (Sealed and Draft) play experience.
- Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!