World of Warcraft Scourgewar Booster 12 Box Case

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Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 19 cards + 1 UDE Points per pack.

Take up your sword as Upper Deck Entertainment introduces
World of Warcraft® TCG Scourgewar Booster Packs

The icy shores of the frozen north welcome all those willing enough to enter. The ever-expanding reach of the Lich King has drawn the forces of both the Horde and the Alliance to the frigid lands of Northrend, but they do not know the horrors that await them. Can you muster the courage you will need when death itself stares back at you? The unrelenting forces of the Scourge have risen and they will stop at nothing until the last breath of life has been siphoned from Azeroth.

The Scourgewar has begun...

Scourgewar is the tenth booster set in the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game, which is based on the award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft®.

Key Selling Points:
- Scourgewar begins the fourth year of the award-winning World of Warcraft® TCG with all-new content, including mounts, several new keywords, and a new master hero - Kel'Thuzad!
- Full integration of the Death Knight class, including new heroes, abilities, equipment, and dual-class cards!
- Strand of the Ancients Rules! Use your existing World of Warcraft® TCG cards with an alternate rules set, which will be included on some UDE Points cards. Look for turrets, tanks, and gates!
- Three new randomly inserted Loot cards mean more opportunities to open cosmetic upgrades for your World of Warcraft® online character.
- Compete in epic World of Warcraft® TCG Organized Play programs and win amazing prizes!

- 19 Game cards & 1 UDE Points card per pack
- 24 Packs per display
- 12 Displays per case