World of Warcraft 2011 Fall Class Starter Deck 6 Box Case

Product Info
Product Description

Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 10 class decks per box. 60 cards per deck.

Contents Summary:
- 60 Cards per deck 
- 1 booster pack per deck
- 10 Different decks available, representing all 10 classes from the MMO
- 10 Decks per display (5 Alliance and 5 Horde) 
- 6 Displays per case

Key Selling Points:
- The #1 acquisition product from 2010 is back!
- No more guessing-you get one of every class per display.
- New for Cataclysm-Goblin and Worgen heroes!
- Low $10.99 MSRP makes these a great buy for beginners and existing players!
- Hero race will now be featured on each deck.
- Exclusive hero card!
- Class Starter Decks for Fall 2011!
    *Alliance Worgen Rogue
    *Alliance Human Death Knight
    *Alliance Dwarf Warrior
    *Alliance Gnome Warlock
    *Alliance Draenei Shaman
    *Horde Blood Elf Paladin
    *Horde Undead Priest
    *Horde Goblin Mage
    *Horde Troll Hunter
    *Horde Tauren Druid
- Loot:
    *Common- Party Grenade
    *Uncommon-Dragon Kite
    *Rare-Spectral Tiger Cub