World of Warcraft Reign of Fire Booster 12 Box Case

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Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 36 packs per box. 16 cards per pack.

World of Warcraft TCG Set 21 - Timewalkers:Reign of Fire

- The final set of the Timewalkers block depicts the era of  Warcraft 3, as players get to see even more legendary characters from Warcraft lore!
- Unleash the vast demonic of the Burning Legion with the new Portal keyword, putting swarms of demonic minions in under your command!Enlist the aid of the new master hero, Medivh the Prophet, as the former Guardian seeks to atone for his grand betrayal of Azeroth.
- Even more new Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, and Tauren to add to your racial decks!

- Card set total 232 (70C, 60U, 30H, 60R, 12E)
- 16 Cards per pack, includes 15 game cards (10C, 4U, 1R or E) and 1 hero or crafting/token card/rules tip (Loot cards randomly inserted-replaces hero/crafting/token)
- 3 Different Loot cards (1C, 1U, 1R)
- 36-pack display supports eight-person Draft tournament play out of one box

Loot cards:
- Common: TBA
- Uncommon: TBA
- Rare: TBA