World of Warcraft Onyxia's Lair Raid Deck 3 Box Case(Upper Deck)

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Configuration: 3 boxes per case. 6 decks per box. 110 cards + 1 Treasure Card Pack + 3 Epic Onyxia cards per deck.

In the charred, desolate Wyrmbog, deep in Dustwallow Marsh, lies the lair of the black dragon Onyxia. Many bands of heroes have journeyed there, only to fall under the dragonís claw. Now, take on the role of Onyxia and face the latest group of heroes brave enough to challenge the Black Dragonflight.

Itís time to put some foolish mortals in their place!

Limited-edition Raid Decks open up a whole new facet to the World of Warcraft TCG. One player takes on the role of an epic foe that only multiple heroes working together can even hope to challenge. Should the raid defeat mighty Onyxia, the heroes win the chance to crack open the enclosed Treasure Pack and reap rewards not found anywhere else.

This expansion set requires players to build their raid parties using cards from the World of Warcraft TCG: Heroes of Azeroth set.

Key Selling Points:

* Experience clever new multiplayer gameplay in the Raid Deck expansion sets. Form a raid party and try to defeat the deckmaster's ultra-powerful Raid Deck!
* Amazing original art from todayís top creators gives you a fresh look at the World of Warcraft universe!
* Uniquely coded rare Loot Cards feature cosmetic upgrades for your World of Warcraft online character! LOOT CARDS WILL BE INSERTED 1:5 TREASURE PACKS!!
* Play as the mighty dragon Onyxia and defend your lair from the foolhardy heroes who want your treasure!
* Compete in a robust World of Warcraft TCG Organized Play program and win amazing prizes!
* Combine two or more raid decks together to build an even more potent challenge for those so-called heroes!