Civil War Chronicles Vol 1 (Cult Stuff) 10 Set Case

Product Info
Product Description
Configuration: 10 sets per case.

- Only 100 Cases produced!
- Premium inserts include sketch cards, artifacts and authentic fabric cards
- At least 1 premium insert per set


This limited edition set includes sketch cards and artifacts. This is project very limited with just 1,000 hobby sets being produced. Each case of 10 sets will include 6 or more sketch cards and a selection of other premium inserts. Each case will also include 1 pack with a multi panel card or 2 sketches!

Each Hobby set will include at least 1 premium insert and a selection of chase cards (at least 2 probably more). Premiums include: Sketch cards (6-7 per case) Fabric cards (Swatches of Civil War uniform wool) and Artifact cards including Civil War Bullets, War era stamps and other collectables. We are also including 6 redemptions for original basic card artwork from Matt Zeigler and Dave Sharpe. We will also be including canvas parallel versions of the Kurz and Allison prints, limited to 1 per pack.

List of illustrators who have sketch cards in the product.  
Adam Tally
Al Davidson
Andy Broome
Angela Capel
Barry Linck
Carolyn Edwards
Clinton Yeager
Dan Gorman
Danny Silva
Dave Sharpe
David Carrillo
Debra Quinn
Eric Van Elslande
George Vega
Gregorio Vidal
Helen J McClafferty
James Riot
Jason Westlake
John Monserrat
Kitty L Dye
Kris Justice
Laura Inglis
Liz Chesterman
Marcia Dye
Matt Erkhart
Matthew Zeigler
Michael Munshaw
Patrick Hamill
Paulina Vassileva
Reid Fisher
Robert Hack
Rusty Gilligan
Sal Galindo
Scott Fellowes
Scott Houseman
Stephanie Swanger
Terry Pavlet
Wu Wei