2014 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Collector ED 8 Box Case

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Configuration:  8 boxes per case. 24 packs per box.  6 cards per pack.


GPK 2014 Series 2 Superheroes Theme
- Between Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Batman, and more; Superheroes are more popular than ever. Now, GPK is getting in on the action with its own hilarious cast of parody heroes and villains!
- See GPK's unique group of heroes and villains show off their special powers and wage epic battles between good and evil. Will Spider Manny and his super snot webs prevail over Venomous Vince?

GPK 2014 Series 2

- Metallic Red (1:1): Exclusive metallic red border parallel cards for set collectors
- Canvas Texture (1:1): Base card parallel featuring a canvas texture and black border
- Sepia (1:24): Sepia tone replicates vintage photographs for a unique look at GPK characters
- Character Backs (1:24): Card back feature 6 iconic GPK character heads
- Art Variants (1:192): Rare base variants with alternate art
- Patch Relics (1:48): Manufactured patch relics parodying the logos of the GPK superheroes

152 Cards to Collect!
- (132) Brand new characters - 66 A/B names
- (10) Superhero Battles
- (10) Full Card Comics

Parallels Provide Chase for Collectors
- Black Parallel (1:2)
- Silver Parallel (1:24) - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- Gold Parallel (85 per subject)

Bonus Cards and Short Prints
- (8) Bonus Cards - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE
- (11) Superhero C-names (1:100)

Exciting Rare Hits Add Value
- Die Cut Sketch Cards
- Artist Autographs
- Printing Plates

GPK 2014 Series 2

Hobby Collector Pack - 152 Cards to Collect

3 Guarantees Per Pack
- 1 Black Parallel
- 1 Metallic Red Parallel
- 1 Canvas Parallel

4 Guarantees Per Box
- 1 Hobby Bonus Sticker (8 subjects)
- 1 Character Back Parallel
- 1 Sepia Parallel
- 1 Patch Relic OR Die Cut Sketch OR Autograph OR Printing Plate

1 Guarantee Per Case
- 1 Rare Art Variant (5 subjects)

- Superhero Battles (1:3): GPK superheroes battle super villains in these epic cards featuring A/B backs with Stats & Bios or Wanted Posters
- Full Card Comic (1:6): Comic book parodies featuring the GPK superheroes with comic backs

- Sketch Cards: One of a kind artist illustrations from the most popular GPK artists
- Artist Autographs: GPK character cards signed by the artists who created them
- Printing Plates: 600+ printing plates from the base set and bonus cards

- Bonus Stickers (1:24): Hobby exclusive Bonus cards parodying classic pop culture
- Silver Parallel (1:24): Hobby exclusive silver parallel of the base cards
- Die Cut Sketch Cards (500 total): One of a kind die cut shaped sketch cards by GPK artists